8-station 2-color turntable screen printing machine
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8-station 2-color turntable screen printing machine

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Scope of application: This machine is suitable for circular, elliptical, square, and rectangular glass bottles, cosmetic bottle container products, and provides multi color fully automatic printing.
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1. Servo-driven automatic loading and unloading.
2. Man-machine interface control (touch screen) equipment, simple and easy to understand, one key to read formula parameters, one key to save formula parameters.
3. Servo pre-positioning, Japanese servo control system improves color registration with high precision and accurate color registration.
4. Driven by servo manipulator, automatic loading and unloading, fast speed and high precision.
5. Can be used after screen printing: LED UV cold light curing
6. The replacement of products is very fast. All parameters touch screen easy design.
7. Brand motion controller, fast response and stable performance. The program can be debugged remotely, which is convenient and quick.

Application:This machine is suitable for round, oval, square, rectangular glass bottles, cosmetic bottles and container products, and provides multi-color automatic printing.



1. It adopts digital man-machine interface control, which meets various printing requirements.
2. The automatic feeding conveyor belt is connected with the mechanical arm to push the product to realize automatic loading and unloading.
3. The printing head, the bottom workpiece rotates with full servo, and the color registration is accurate.
4. Advanced automatic drying technology, using LED UV cold light curing/electronic UV curing.
5. PLC control and human-machine dialogue displayed on the touch screen make the operation more convenient.
6. Increase the pretreatment of the flame to improve the adhesion of the product.
7. High efficiency, multi-station printing at the same time, can print and color multiple products at one time.
8. Increase the network port, and carry out program upgrade and remote optimization through the Internet.

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Name 8-station 2-color turntable screen printing machine
Model KLK-ZS2
Product diameter 25-90mm
Product height 35-250mm
Print length 0-200mm
Printing stroke 300mm
Maximum frame size 520*250mm
Maximum printing speed 360° printing pcs/min Round 25-30pcs/min
Oval 20-30pcs/min
Square 8-15pcs/min
LED UV power 230w
Print length 50-150mm
Gas source 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Equipment power 380V   50/60HZ   8KW


Machine type KLK-S802
Capacity per hour (h/pcs) 1600-1900
Maximum printing area mm 120*180
Minimum printing area mm 60x30
Printing thickness mm 0.3-1.5
Temporary storage quantity of loading/unloading conveyor belt ≤20个
Conveyor belt size range Loading length 1M width 86MM blanking length 1.5M width 140MM
Printing centering fixture Manual adjustment
Centering accuracy mm ±0.03
Manipulator placement accuracy mm ±0.1
Pick and place manipulator stroke 930mm
Air source pressure kg/cm² 5-7
Air consumptionL/cycle 4.5
Equipment power KW 4
Phase, Voltage, Frequency 380V/60Hz
Machine weightKG 1000
Machine size (L*W*H) mm 3192*1150*1855


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